Literary Fiction

The Stereoscope

Acappella Zoo

The Boy with the Newsprint Kite

Foundling Review, 2011

After two years, a young man leaves Botswana.

Chicken God

Stanley the Whale, 2012

A woman allows her housekeeper to move in.

The Boat from Kilronan


In the 1960's, an Irish man and a single mother make a sacrifice for the sake of her son.

Saturn Floats


The Littleness of Susan Brauer

Spark: A Creative Anthology - Volume One

Flash Fiction

The Birthday

Lark's Fiction Magazine, June 2012 http://larksfictionm ... gspot.com/

A young couple on a deck in the rain.

Magical Realism - Fiction

To the Place of Ashes

Devilfish Review, June 29, 2012

A woman has a dream. Everything changes.


Myrtle Beach

The Montucky Review, 8-22-12 http://montuckyrevie ... beach.html


Jenny Padilla


A memory of living in Long Beach in 1979.


Letter to Joss Whedon

August 14, 2014